Steampunk 100-ct Trunk Humidor
Steampunk 100-ct Trunk Humidor
Steampunk 100-ct Trunk Humidor

Steampunk 100-ct Trunk Humidor

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Gorgeous box made from reclaimed pine w/iron & leather accents. 3 dividers, lift-out tray, side handles, metal front clasp. Full, premium kiln-dried Spanish Cedar. SureSeal lid closure. Brass quadrant hinges. Humidifier & hygrometer.

The Steampunk Trunk Humidor is a gorgeous piece of art! And it also happens to be a superior cigar humidor at the same time. On the outside: crafted from solid pine with a genuine reclaimed wood finish and richly adorned with iron metalwork. Inside: fully-lined with premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar, fitted with hygrometer and large humidifier, cedar lift out tray and divider, 2 bottom dividers, clasp closure, and SureSeal Technology to ensures a snug lid to maintain the optimum environment for cigars. Hefty, substantial, resplendent-looking boxes!


  • 100 cigar capacity
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • Vintage reclaimed wood finish
  • Iron metalwork and side handles
  • Humidifier & Large Hygrometer
  • SureSeal Technology for optimum seal closure
  • Premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining 
  • Lift out tray w/divider
  • 2 Spanish cedar bottom dividers
  • Antique-finish quadrant hinges
  • Scratch-resistant, felt-lined bottom

About Steampunk
Steampunk originated in 19th century Britain, with envisioned futuristic technology crafted in Victorian-era style and forms. This genre is predominant in late 1800’s works of science fiction and fantasy such as Jules Verne and HG Welles novels, in addition to contemporary films such Sherlock Holmes, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Hugo. Today the Steampunk aesthetic blends form and function, infusing everyday items with a distinct look-and-feel by melding nautical elements and anachronistic “throw-back” technology like brass gears, steam-powered locomotive elements, gas lamps, and analog gauges with iron, wood, and leather elements.

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