American Gothic Old Glory 100-Capacity Humidor
American Gothic 100-ct Humidor
American Gothic 100-ct Humidor
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American Gothic Old Glory 100-Capacity Humidor

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Solid, premium kiln-dried Spanish Cedar construction. Lift-out Spanish cedar tray/dividers. SureSeal Technology ensures proper lid closure. Scratch-resistant, felt-lined bottom. Quadrant hinges. Humidifier/hygrometer. Lock&key. 15"x10"x6.5".

No apologies given. We're home base for red-blooded graduates of The 'Merica Institute of Yee-haw Guns 'n Cigars. F yeah! So perch our hefty American Gothic humidor on your desk and commence silent microagressions on the skinny-jeans-wearing hipsters, safe-space-coloring-book whackos, and hacky-sack-and-drum-circle nutjobs. 

This gorgeous humidor depicting Old Glory in all its, er, glory, will indeed turn heads! And most importantly it delivers exactly what you need to properly store your prized cigars. Boasting a lacquered finish overtop a distressed, beautiful American Flag design, the humidor itself is constructed of solid Spanish cedar, features a lift out try with two dividers, quadrant hinges, a felt lined bottom, and humidifier and hygrometer. To top it off, SureSeal technology guarantees a snug closure, while the included lock & key keeps the moochers at bay.


  • 100 capacity
  • Lacquered finish
  • Square humidifier
  • SureSeal Technology
  • Premium, kiln-dried Spanish cedar interior 
  • Lift-out Spanish cedar tray and dividers
  • Hidden quadrant hinges
  • Lock & Key
  • Scratch-resistant, felt-lined bottom
  • Dimensions: 15"x10"x6.5"